Hi everyone,

one of the great pleasures of starting your own business is having the chance to steer profits towards causes you believe in. Here at OpenCage we do that on an on-going basis via our annual donation to the Humanitarian OpenStreetmap Team and running our #geomob events in different cities, but today I am happy share that we will also be sponsoring the 2019 Perl Toolchain Summit.


The Perl Toolchain Summit is an annual event where core developers of the programming language Perl meet for a few days to work on the infrastructure and tools behind the language. This year’s event will take place the 25-28th of April in Marlow, England. As heavy users of Perl our geocoding service has relied heavily on work like this, and we are delighted to find ourselves in a position where we can give back to the community. You can learn a bit more about how we use Perl in this interview I did with the Built in Perl blog a while back.

Many thanks to the organizers of the Toolchain Summit, the participants, and everyone in the Perl community. If you’d like to learn more about the PTS you can follow along on twitter.

If you are new to the Perl world, a great resource to get started is learn.perl.org. We also have a tutorial on how to geocode in Perl, which uses our Perl module: Geo::Coder::OpenCage.