Hi everyone,

welcome to day three of Launch Week 2024!

A few months ago we shared our new geospatial tools section to our site, where we expose various internal tools we’ve developed in the course of our day to day work, with the goal that others could also benefit.

Today we release a new “tool” - address and coordinate lists we use in testing. Often we have situations where we need to test algorithm changes or new features and we arrive at the situation where we say “We need coordinates in France to test with” or “I need a list of random postcodes”. Nothing is more annoying than working on fixing a bug or a new feature and not having good data to test - now you have two projects: fixing thoriginal bug and coming up with data for testing.

Overtime we’ve built up such lists, and we thought it could be useful to expose them publicly to help others. As a start we have lists of coordinates (by country), lists of addresses (by country), lists of European postcodes, random cities, lists of POIs (shops). Over time we will add more datasets, as we need them internally.

"OpenCage address lists page"

This new resource is of course listed with all the others on our tools page. Have a look, hopefully you find something that makes your life as a geospatial developer a bit easier.

Happy geocoding,