Hi everyone,

just a quick note today to say we’ve added a new “tools” page to our site where we have started listing out all the various little tools and utilities we’ve built that we use day to day to make our lives easier.

For example the logging for our service is based on the UTC timezone. So it’s convenient to have a page showing the current time in UTC, or our tool for viewing and creating bounding boxes, or, of course, FlipCoords, our single page site to convert geographic coordinates from lat,lng to lng,lat and various other formats.

Right now the site has only these three tools, but we have a few more internal tools that we need to polish up a bit before we can present them publicly, but in the coming months the list will fill out.

"Screenshot from the tools page"

We hope these little utilities prove as helpful to you as they are to us. Please let us know if youhave ideas for more such tools.

Happy geocoding,