Hi everyone,

There is no denying it, the holiday break is over and it is time to get down to work.

At OpenCage we are a small team trying to do a lot, so working efficiently is key. One way to be efficient is batching - bundling similar tasks up, and then doing them all at once to avoid context switching.

And so we’re kicking off the new year by bundling a bunch of new features which we will be rolling out during what we are calling “Launch Week 2024”, which will take place from January 29th to February 2nd. Each day we’ll roll out a new feature. Nothing radical, but small, useful features. Small features add up to make a great developer experience.

The best way to stay informed is of course to “watch” our geocoding API changelog, which we host on GitHub specifically because it makes tracking changes so simple. Every new feature or change gets announced there first.

"Screenshot of the OpenCage geocoding API change log"

We’ll do a post here on the blog each day as well, and update this post with links.

Launch week 2024

Happy new year and happy geocoding,


We would have moved launch week up a week, but this week the team is in London for meeting, planning, and of course Geomob London on January 24th. If you are in London please join us.