Hi everyone,

welcome to October 2021 #fridaygeotrivia!

As is our tradition, on the final Friday of month on twitter under the hashtag #fridaygeotrivia we run a geotrivia contest. Afterwards we post the answers here on the blog. See past monthly geotrivia questions and answers.

How to play

Anyone can join in, you just need a twitter account. Reply to the question thread on twitter (linked below) using the hashtag #fridaygeotrivia in your answer.

While you can use a map, please do NOT use the internet to just search for an answer. That is cheating and will lead to seriously bad geokarma.

To get full points for an answer it is good form not just to name the relevant country but (if possible) to include the emoji flags of the country.

Some people have complained the format is a bit chaotic and hard to follow. Yes, the mad chaos is part of the fun. Embrace it. The goal is just to have fun and learn.


#fridaygeotrivia is a game with two prizes:

  1. the sheer joy of geographic knowledge and pedantry.

  2. the bragging rights of getting the answer first.

The October 2021 geotrivia question:

Name rivers that flow through or form the border of at least five countries

One important clarification - tributaries and drainage basins donโ€™t count. It has to be the river itself.

The #fridaygeotrivia twitter thread:

This monthโ€™s geotrivia answer:

The winner

Once again we have to congratulate Dave McLaughlin, who also won in September and back in July. Well done, Dave. The rest of you need to raise your game.

See you next month

#fridaygeotrivia will return next month on Friday, 26th of November, 2021. All suggestions for good trivia questions gladly received!

Happy geocoding,