Hi everyone,

I am very happy to announce that after a three year, Covid-induced hiatus the Perl Toolchain Summit is back, and we are again a sponsor.

The Perl Toolchain Summit is an annual invitation-only event where core developers of the programming language Perl meet for a few days to work on the infrastructure and tools behind the language. That type of work is of course always on-going via online dialog, but getting the core contributors together at a single location offers an invaluable chance to accelerate things. This year’s PTS will be in Lyon, France. We hope it is a productive few days for all attendees.

Perl is a core part of our service. We are proud to be able to play a small part in the on-going success of the language and to give back to the community that creates the tools we rely upon. Many thanks to our customers for making it possible.

This sponsorship follows on our announcement last September of our sponsorship of MetaCPAN, and our 2019 PTS sponsorship. In addition we of course also do our best to support geo-innovation.

Happy hacking to the PTS attendees,

Ed, (CPAN id EDF)

PS - if you want to access our geocoding API via Perl, check out Geo::Coder::OpenCage. Here’s our Perl tutorial.