The good software library news just keeps on coming. In the last few months we’ve had a new C++ library for our geocoding API, a rewrite and improvement of our .NET library, and released an iOS SDK. Today I’m pleased to say there is now, thanks to the hard work of Nuno Guerreiro, a library for the Scala programming language. Thank you, Nuno, and welcome Scala developers!

The library, named scala-opencage-geocoder, is open source, and the code is on Github. You can find a direct link to the library (and the libraries for the many other languages we have libraries for) on our libraries page.


If you create something with our API please let us know and we will gladly feature it. If you use a language for which we don’t yet have a wrapper library, please get in touch, we will gladly pay you to open source a wrapper library. We’re particularly interested in a wrapper library for Lua, but really we want any and all languages.

Happy geocoding,


PS: sources tell me a lot of good work is happening on our R library and the Stata module for accessing our API. Many thanks to all involved, and I hope to have more to report shortly.