We have an early Christmas present for API users who use .NET to access our service!

I am pleased to announce that this weekend that Brian Norman, co-founder and CTO of earthware.co.uk (also known as gingemonster over on Github) has released a significantly improved version of his .NET library for accessing the OpenCage API.

The improvements include:

  • Complete support for optional parameters, except where it doesn’t make sense like jsonp and pretty
  • Better error messages to handle rate limiting
  • Improved README with pointers to best practices and more complete examples
  • Complete support for the newer response data annotations
  • Moved to .NET Standard meaning the library can now be used in .NET projects on practically every platform

Many thanks Brian!

This of course follows on last week’s announcement about our new iOS SDK and our revamped libraries and tutorials page where you can find a link to the .NET library and many others.


As before, if you create something with our API please let us know and we will gladly feature it. If you use a language for which we don’t yet have a wrapper library, please get in touch, we will gladly pay you to open source a wrapper library. We’re particularly interested in getting wrappers for Scala, Lua, and C++, but really we want any and all languages.

Happy geocoding,