Happy Europe Day everyone!

To celebrate we have expanded the coverage we offer for our NUTS annotation - whereby we return NUTS codes (levels 0-3) for locations - to also include some of the European Union candidate countries, specifically: Albania (AL), Montenegro (ME), North Macedonia (MK), Serbia (RS), and Turkey (TR).

As an example, here is the NUTS annotation in a geocoding result in beautiful Kotor, Montenegro.

             "NUTS" : {
               "NUTS0" : {
                  "code" : "ME"
               "NUTS1" : {
                  "code" : "ME0"
               "NUTS2" : {
                  "code" : "ME00"
               "NUTS3" : {
                  "code" : "ME000"

Here you can see a map, (a screenshot taken from the Eurostat website) shows NUTS2 regions across Europe.

"Map of Europe showing NUTS2 regions"

We launched our NUTS annotation for EU member states in January of last year, then earlier this year (during Launch Week!) we expanded coverage to the EFTA countries. You may ask why we dont yet cover all of the EU candidate countries - we are still missing Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA), Georgia (GE), Kosovo (XK), Moldova (MD), and Ukraine (UA). This is because they are newer candidates and do not yet have defined NUTS regions / codes.

Learn more about the NUTS annotation (and all the others) in our geocoding API documentation.

Happy geocoding, whether you are in Europe or elsewhere!