Hi everyone,

Remember last week when we posted about our shiny new Scala library and at the end of the post we mentioned we would love for someone to create a Lua library to access the OpenCage Geocoding API?

Well, I am very pleased to write that our friend Nuno Guerreiro didn’t just read that post, he got on the keyboard and cranked out not one but TWO Lua libraries! First up he created the lua-opencage-geocoder package which is a stand alone client for our API, then he also wrote lua-resty-opencage-geocoder which is for use within the popular OpenResty platform.

And with that, my dear Lua programming friends, you really have no more excuses. Now is the time to start geocoding. Many thanks to Nuno for all the help!

You can find a direct link to both libraries (and the libraries for the many other languages we have libraries for) on our libraries page.

If you create something with our API please let us know and we will gladly feature it. If you use a language for which we don’t yet have a wrapper library, please get in touch, we will gladly pay you to open source a wrapper library. We’re interested in wrapper libraries for pretty much any library we don’t yet have.

Happy geocoding,