Hi everyone,

a few months a go we launched our geosearch service (see blog post). Many thanks to everyone who has tested the service out and shared their feedback with us, and of course most of all to those of you who have become paying customers.

We have listened, learned, and adapted. We haven’t been able to make every fix that was suggested, but the service has improved significantly.

In our rush to get the service out and start gathering feedback, we didn’t spend much (or indeed any) time on automating the purchase process. If you want to become a geosearch customer you need to email us and we then set things up for you. As promised when we launched we would eventually build a fully self-service sign-up and payment process. I am pleased to announce we are almost there and it should go live before the end of the month. To make up for the inconvenience of the beta purchase process we offered a discounted price. When we launch the self-service process in a few weeks, we will be raising the price (monthly and annual) of our geosearch service. Beta customers will however keep the old beta pricing.

All of which is to say that if you have been on the fence and are considering becoming a geosearch customer and want the beta pricing, please get in touch with us to start the purchase process very soon.

"OpenCage Geosearch beta pricing page screenshot"

Happy geosearching,