Hi everyone,

things here at OpenCage are back infull swing after the summer break. As shared via the example of better usage charts a few weeks ago, we’ve beenspending some time doing a deep clean and reorg of our user facing interfaces and documentation. Over the years things have grown organically so it was time to take a fresh look and make sure it was still easy for new users of our services to get an overview, but also for existing users to quickly and easily find the documentation they need.

We’re not quite done with everything yet, but one piece that is visible is our new “Guides” page. On these pages we’ve broken out various broader questions and topics that come up again and again. We explain the issue and also go a bit deeper on why the topic might be more complex that you initially expected. In some cases we’ve added code examples (see for example our guide to browser geolocation - a topic that is often conflated with geocoding), in other cases we just explain the background around a topic and explain some of the pitfalls and why we approach the problem the way we do. A good example of style of guide is our guide to postcodes and geocoding.


We’ve also now split out our list of SDKs, programming language specific tutorials, and third-party integrations, as they had become a bit too long for a single page.

We have a few more guides to add to the list in the coming days, hopefully you find it helpful. If you think there’s atopic we’ve overlooked please let us know.

Happy geocoding,