Hi everyone,

As regular readers will know for the last few years we have organized Geomob, a regular meetup for people working in the location based service space. Originally Geomob started in London, now we also have it in Barcelona, Munich, and Lisbon (with more cities hopefully coming). The events are a great chance to learn, to meet interesting people, and to have fun. One major weakness of the Geomob model though was that it required attending in person. Often we would get asked about filming the talks, but the logistics of that are non-trivial if it is to be done well, so we were never able to take it forward.


I’m excited to share that today we went live with a step in making Geomob more accessible to the world. We have launched a Geomob podcast, where my godo friend and fellow geomobster, Steven Feldman (interviewed here on the blog last year) and I will be discussing the themes that come up again and again in the geo industry, and interviewing Geomob speakers. We’ll also be sharing updates about our own projects - in my case OpenCage and in his case Mappery.org.

Please subscribe, and please send us any and all feedback you may have.

Happy listening!


One final point - the next Geomob events will be 18th of March in London and 26th of March in Munich (at which I will be one of the speakers)! I hope to see you there.