Happy new year everyone, welcome to 2023!

Just as in previous year, we start the year by reporting on our uptime and service reliability. Our uptime is independently monitored by 3rd-party service StatusCake.

I am delighted to announce that 2022 was another great year for operational performance.

You can always see (and subscribe to) the current data on our public status page, hosted by instatus, at status.opencagedata.com.

"OpenCage status page"

According to StatusCake’s measurement, reverse geocoding requests had only 5 minute of down time, and forward geocoding did even better at slightly under 5 minutes, a significant improvement over the 9 minutes of downtime these services had in 2021. Put another way, the OpenCage geocoding API had 99.999% uptime.

We also measure performance of our website (account registration, dashboards, and documentation), which is hosted by Heroku. Here we did less well with 35 minutes of downtime, the vast majority of which (>30min) related to a single incident at Heroku.

Finally, in 2022 we launched our new geosearch service, and so for the first time we began monitoring it. Geosearch had 17 minutes of measured downtime, though some of that came during the “beta” period before production launch.

It’s important to realize that an outage as seen by StatusCake doesn’t imply that 100% of requests are failing. Many, or even most, requests can still be succeeding without incident. In almost every case of measured downtime over the last few years the issue has been network related. Usually it is an issue at a customer’s ISP, overwhich we have no influence.

Operational reliability is the basic foundation upon which our service is built. We are very pleased we were able to improve on our 2021 numbers and look forward to a great 2023.

Happy geocoding and geosearching, and all good wishes for the coming year.