Happy new year everyone!

Just as we did last year, we thought we’d start the year off by looking back on how we did in terms of service reliability in 2021. Our uptime is independently monitored by 3rd-party service StatusCake. You can see (and subscribe to) the data on our public status page, hosted by instatus, at status.opencagedata.com.

"OpenCage status page"

I am very pleased to report that over the course of 2021, according to StatusCake’s measurement, reverse geocoding requests had only 8 minute of down time, and forward geocoding had 9 minutes, a significant improvement over the 25 minutes of downtime we had in 2020. Put another way, the OpenCage geocoding API had 99.998% uptime.

That said, it’s important to realize that an outage as seen by StatusCake doesn’t imply that 100% of requests are failing. Many, or even most, requests can still be succeeding without incident. In almost every case of measured downtime over the last few years the issue has been network related. Usually it is an issue at a customer’s ISP, overwhich we have no influence.

We’re delighted that we could improve on 2020’s numbers. We’re looking forward to a great 2022 and wish all of our customers and partners the best for the coming year.

Happy geocoding,