Hola amigos,

I’m pleased to announce that I just hit send on the funds transfer for the renewal of our OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) corporate membership. Since we joined OSMF last summer, the corporate membership scheme has been revised with various price tiers, we are proud to be a Bronze member.

Membership in OSMF and our annual donation to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team are two of the ways we give back to the global OpenStreetMap community.

OpenStreetMap continues to grow as rapidly as ever, over 3 million user accounts have now been created and millions of edits happen every day. New local OSM communities continue to form all around the world, and there is a steady flow of software improvements and new tools for interacting with the database. If you want to stay informed one of the best resources is the Weekly OSM blog, now available in 10 languages.

This year’s global OSM conference - State of the Map, will be in Japan. Unfortunately due to family and other commitments, we won’t be able to send anyone from the OpenCage team this year. Happily though there is no shortage of OpenStreetMap events and conferences large and small all around the world (one example of many: in a few weeks the first ever State of the Map Africa will take place in Uganda!), and we look forward to participating in a few events here in Europe - and encourage you to attend #geomob, the geo meetup we run in London, UK every few months.

If your business relies on OpenStreetMap, we encourage you to join us in supporting the OSM Foundation by becoming a corporate member. There are price tiers for every budget. Individual membership is of course also an option and has the benefit of coming with voting rights to help decide the future direction of the Foundation.

Many thanks to everyone around the world who helps make OpenStreetMap. It is an amazing community and we’re delighted to be part of it.