I’m pleased to announce we recently became corporate members of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, the non-profit organisation that supports OpenStreetMap.

Over the last few months there has been a discussion on the OSMF mailing list (I’m also a member in a personal capacity and thus on the list) about what rights, if any, corporate members should have, and how those rights should differ across funding levels. This discussion did not sway our thinking in any way. As a business that literally could not exist without OpenStreetMap we have always done our best (within the confines of the limited resources of a start-up) to give back to the OSM community.

We do this in a few ways:

This all builds on our long-standing tradition of supporting OSM and Humanitatian OSM from when we were part of Lokku Ltd, you can read more about that over on our “about us” page.

We’re very happy we were finally able to take this step. If you (whether you personally,or as an organisation) agree OpenStreetMap is a critical resource and would like to support the project please join as well.

yours in supporting open geo data,