Hi everyone,

Good news for developers who use python to access our geocoding API: we have released version 2.0.0 of our python SDK, you can now grab it from PyPI.

"opencage python SDK on PyPI"

So what’s new? Beyond a general refresh of the documentation, the main improvements are:

  • better and more tests, with CI builds testing against newer versions of Python.

  • new geocode_async and reverse_geocode_asnyc methods (requires python >= 3.7).

  • the distribution now comes bundled with an example script for making many requests in parallel.

  • http requests are now reused within a block, which should improve performance when making many requests.

  • better exception handling.

  • this release no longer supports python 2, though you can of course still use old versions of the library if you still need to support python 2.

A big note of thanks to friend of OpenCage, Sam Scully, who did much of the work for this new release.

Of course it’s all open source. If you see further areas for improvement, pull requests are very welcome.

Ready to dive in? Please check out our the OpenCage python geocoding tutorial. If python’s not your cup of tea, then no worries, we also have geocoding SDKs for more than 30 other programming languages.

Happy geocoding, pythonistas!