With summer holidays nearing their end, it’s time to get refocused on tasks for the remainder of 2018. As ever, one of the key goals is to look up from the keyboard and head out and meet current and potential users of our geocoding API and other members of the geotech community.

As such we’ll be attending a few events in the coming months:

  • The events season kicks off on the 6th of September in London with the next installment of #geomob, the geoinnovation meetup we organize and sponsor (together with other great geobrands) every few months. As always we have a very interesting lineup, but I'm especially looking forward to the talk by forner OpenCage collaborator Gary Gale.
  • A few days later on September 10th, I'll be in Berlin to present at the GeoIoT meetup. It's an event very similar to #geomob and I'm excited to finally be able to attend.
  • A few days after that - on the 15th and 16th of September to be exact - OpenCage co-founder Marc Tobias Metten will be in Berlin for the OpenStreetMap Hack Weekend, where he'll be working primarily on the OSM Nominatim geocoder.
  • In October(16-18th) Barcelona plays host to the IoT Solutions World Congress and I'll be attending. Many of our users come from the IoT space, I look forward to seeing what's new in this fast-moving industry.
  • Looking a bit further ahead, in mid-November I'll be heading a bit farther afield to attend State of the Map Asia in Bangalore, India.

Please let us know if you’d like to meet at any of these events.