In the coming weeks we’ll be getting off the keyboard and heading out to a few events.

  • First up, on 17-18th Feb, Marc Tobias will be in Karlsruhe for an OSM hack weekend, where he'll be working on .... geocoding! Many thanks to Geofabrik for once again hosting.
  • On the 21st and 22nd of February I'll be at Connected World, the internet of things conference organized by Bosch in Berlin. Bosch has been a customer of ours for some time, will be great to learn more about what they (and others) are up to in the IoT space. Berlin is always great, and so many things are happening in IoT, almost every day there is an interesting announcement. Anyone who wants to talk about geocoding device locations, please let me know and let's meet.
  • Continuing with the Internet of Things theme, a week later I'll be in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. It's a week full of interesting events, but I'm especially looking forward to IoTStars on the 26th.
  • March 2-4th Marc Tobias will be in scenic Darmstadt for Femtoconf, a conference for makers of self-funded software companies. Looking forward to learning a lot while also sharing a few tips and tricks of our own.
  • In April, on the weekend of the 13th there's another OSM hack weekend, this time in Berlin. Marc Tobias will be there. Thank you to mindbox Berlin for hosting.
  • and finally, on the 25th of April we'll be back London for #geomob, the meetup for location based service developers that we organize. As always, there's a great lineup of interesting speakers from all sorts of different geo projects, and afterwards the discussion continues over #geobeers. London is fortunate to have an amazing community of people doing so many interesting things related to location, and #geomob has become a fun meeting point for members of the community to share their experiences.

Please let us know if you’d like to meet at any of these events.