Hi everyone,

This week we’ve been hard at work improving our geocoding tutorials and SDKs pages.

Over the years the number of languages and frameworks that we support has grown, and what started as a simple list with a few bullet points has become too long to easily skim. It was time for a bit of a cleanup.

Please have a look:

"OpenCage Tutorials page"

We’ve added icons to make the pages easier to scan quickly, divided the tutorials list into logical groupings, and also added links to relevant guides.

Small steps but they add up to hopefully make it even easier for developers to find, understand, and make use of the many existing SDKs, and thus avoid reinventing the wheel.

Please send us any feedback you have.

Final point: as always, if there is a language or framework for which there is not yet an SDK, we will gladly pay you to create it. Please see our step by step guide to writing an SDK for the OpenCage geocoding API.

Happy geocoding,