Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to announce that, as of yesterday, we are financial supporters of OpenAddresses via a monthly donation.


The OpenAddresses project is a collaborative effort to collect and share global address data in an open and accessible format. Unlike OpenStreetMap where anyone can contribute data, the OpenAddresses data comes from governmental sources (either national, regional, or local depending on the area). Using “official” data like this has pros (comprehensiveness) and cons (many territories have an infrequent update schedule), but the different approaches means the two projects are good compliments.

Sponsoring projects like this is just one of many ways we do our best to give back to the open data and open source software communities.

Many thanks to the governments with the wisdom to see the benefits of opening their data, the volunteers who operate the OpenAddresses service, and our customers who make it possible for us to play our part in the open data revolution.

Happy geocoding,


BTW - if this post has you wondering about the benefits of open data, read our guide.