I am delighted to announce that OpenCage will be a sponsor of State of the Map Asia 2018, which will be held in at the Indian Institute of Management, in Bangalore, India on November 17-18th!


State of the Map is the conference for the OpenStreetMap community, this particular SotM will, as the name implies, focus on the Asian community. Just like elsewhere in the world, OSM has been growing rapidly in Asia, and it will be great to learn more first hand from various members of the community. Last year’s conference in Nepal (summary available here), was well attended, with 175 participants from 20 countries, and I look forward to learning more about OSM communities and usage across the region. Many thanks to the Bangalore OSM community for hosting us and organizing everything.

It’s appropriate also to say thank you to all of our customers who make it possible for us to give back to the OpenStreetMap community by sponsoring events like this. One of the great pleasures of running a business is the chance to steer profits back to the community, and I’m pleased that we can play a part in supporting OSM communities around the world.

For me personally, I’m happy to have an excuse to head back to India which I have not been for a few years. Due to various family commitments I won’t be able to attend this year’s State of the Map (the global OSM conference) which will be in Milan at the end of July (though other members of the OpenCage team will be there, so don’t worry!), but a trip to India is a welcome compensation. The conference organizers interviewed me over on their blog. I go into a bit more depth about how I got into OSM and past OSM conferences.

Anyone who wants to learn more about SotM Asia should check out the site and follow the @SotmAsia account on twitter.

I look forward to seeing you all in Bangalore in November,


BTW - if you can’t wait until November for a does of geo event goodness, or if perhaps Bangalore is a bit too far, please come along and join us at #geomob in London next Wednesday eve (6th of June).