Hi everyone,

as you may know we do enjoy a good geospatial podcast. Almost three years ago, as covid lead to the suspension of in-person events, we created the Geomob podcast, as a way to reach a wider, global audience. And we recently collaborated with the geospatial podcast MapScaping to help promote OpenStreetMap projects. it is in this tradition that I am delighted to announce our sponsorship of the podcast (and more recently also videocast) Minds Behind Maps.

Minds Behind Maps is the work of Maxime Lenormand, and takes a long-form approach. Every few weeks he releases a lengthy (well over an hour, sometimes two) conversation with guests from across geospatial. It’s a chance to go deep and really reflect on the trends driving the space. We highly recommend it, and were delighted to sign on as a sponsor a few months ago.

Unbeknownst to us when we agreed to sponsor the show, Maxime now also posts videos of the shows. But what was most cool is he created a great video discussing our service for the sponsorship! It was a fantastic surprise when we saw it for the first time during Maxime’s interview with Steve Coast, the founder of OpenStreetMap. How cool is that?

Here’s the “ad”. We love it. Thank you, Maxime!

We look forward to many more great long-form geospatial discussions on Minds Behind Maps.

Happy geocoding,


Final note, yes, we are hoping to turn the tables, and get Maxime on the Geomob podcast in the near future - but only for 30 minutes or so, we leave long-form to him.