Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that we are now sponsoring the delightful Line of Actual Control newsletter. If you aren’t yet familiar with Line of Actual Control, it is a bi-weekly exploration (via newsletter and twitter threads) of satellite imagery, social media, and other open data. It is digital sleuthing at its best, combining different data sources to yield a bigger picture that is more than the sum of the details. Topics vary from New York City’s illegal sidewalk sheds to naval standoffs to Russian military exercises, but the constant is that it is always interesting, and usually involves location. We love it.

If you like seeing the power of data, we recommend you subscribe and follow @LOActualControl on Twitter. Here’s this week’s thread:

Happy geocoding,


Final note, I had the chance to interview the maker of LoAC for a detailed discussion of how he does his work for the Geomob podcast, episode coming to earbuds near you in a few weeks!