Hi everyone,

very long time blog readers will recall our interview with Ilya Zverev, maker of the OpenStreetMap editor Level0, all the way back in 2018.

The interview was years back, but Level0 is still there, and still a tool that we rely on frequently. There are of course many other OpenStreetMap editors as well, each with different pros and cons, but here at OpenCage we find ourself returning again and again to Level0 for its simplicity. It is such a fast way to make simple edits.

But, time marches on, and even (especially?) simple tools suffer from technical debt. Dependencies need to be kept up to date, and even if a tool itself still works well, the environment it operates in may change. This has happened with Level0 - OpenStreetMap now requires authentication via a protocol known as OAuth 2.0 (background on wikipedia), and Level0 has not yet been upgraded to OAuth 2.0, so currently it isn’t working.

Rather than just be saddened by the loss of a useful tool, I’m very pleased to report that we are now working together with Ilya to sponsor the work needed to get Level0 running smoothly once again in the near future (by 1 July).


Sponsoring projects like this is just one of many ways we do our best to give back to the open data and open source software communities.

Many thanks to Ilya for a great tool, and for accepting our offer to complete this work. Many thanks also to our customers who make it possible for us to give back to the OpenStreetMap community.

Happy editing,


BTW - Ilya is such a prolific OpenStreetMap software contributor that he has another, more widely known, OSM editor: Every Door. Anyone who wants to learm more about Every Door will enjoy this interview with Ilya over on the Geomob podcast.