Hi everyone,

a final post before we head fully into holiday mode for a well-deserved break. Nevertheless, the product plan for 2023 is already quite full (we’ve been making a lost and checking it twice), and one of the projects on the list is a plugin to make geocoding via our API easier in QGIS, the well known open-source GIS software. We see lots of people in the geospatial community fired up (correctly so) about open source software, but then using non-open data (ugh), so our hope is that our plugin can help provide a simple bridge to also using open data.

This of course leads to the question of what functionalities people would like to see in such a plugin. If you are a QGIS user please get in touch with us and let us know your opinions.

Specifically we’re interested in

  • should we have one OpenCage plugin or perhaps two, one for forward geocoding and one for reverse?

  • what features are lacking from other plugins that try to address (pun intended!) the need for geocoding?

  • what do other plugins do well, or what features do you particularly like?

  • are there other popular plugins we should try to integrate with?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Unfortunately we’re not yet at the point where we can announce a specific timeline for the release of the new plugin(s), but we will get there.

Finally, if you have ideas for other software packages we should integrate with or SDKs that would make geocoding easier please tell us.

Happy geocoding and enjoy the holiday break,