Hi everyone,

just a quick note to let those of you using python to do your geocoding that last week we rolled out a new version of our python module.

Version 1.2 of the opencage python module is now available on pypi.

The new version has several little improvements and some upgrades to the underlying library the module relies upon to make http requests, ‘httpretty’. The main feature of the update is that https is now used on all requests to the API by default. There is also better error handling for 401 and 403response codes.

You can learn more about using our python module for geocoding on our python tutorial.


As with the SDKs for many other languages, our Python module can be found on our libraries page. Over the last year the list of programming languages for which we have SDKs has really grown, but we’d always love to add more. If you create something with our API please let us know and we will gladly feature it (though do please follow the guidelines). If you use a language for which we don’t yet have a wrapper library, please get in touch, we will gladly pay you to open source a wrapper library. We’re interested in wrapper libraries for pretty much any language we don’t yet have.

Happy geocoding,