I’m pleased to report there is now an OpenCage Pipedream workflow.

Pipedream is an integration platform that allows developers to run code based on a schedule or an event with no servers to manage. All the pain of operations are abstracted away. The service is based on popular programming language node.js, users can choose from a list of existing workflows for common tasks (for example the OpenCage workflow for geocoding) or write their own. This is great as it removes yet another barrier to getting things done. While it’s of course fun to play with technology, day to day, most of use just have tasks that need to be accomplished, we don’t want to faff about with servers or even comparing the pros and cons of the ever-growing list of “serverless” offerings.


We hope it helps and recommend you take a look at Pipedream.

This is one of many services in our directory of third-party integrations.

Happy geocoding,