Hi everyone,

I am delighted to share some geocoding API SDK news.

First up - do you have an SQLite database full of addresses you want to geocode? Well, you are in luck, as we are now integrated directly into Chris Amico’s geocode-sqlite library. Big thanks to friend of OpenCage Sam Scully for submitting the pull request that made it possible, and Chris for the rapid merge.

Secondly, our Ruby SDK, opencage-geocoder is now version 3.0.0. We were very happy to merge a pull request from Alessio Russo Introito introducing better exception/error handling Thank you!

Finally, our python library moved to version 2.1.0 a few weeks ago, and now better deals with a few edge cases / error conditions that were detected by a customer. Thank you!

All of these SDKS for accessing our geocoding API and over 30 others can be found on our libraries/SDKs page where you can also find links to langauge-specific tutorials for most of the more popular languages.

"OpenCage geocoding API SDKs"

One point to close things out - we are always happy to pay anyone who writes an SDK or integration for a language or framework we don’t yet have. Please have a look at our guide to SDK writing and get in touch if you are interested.

Happy geocoding, no matter which SDK you are using,