Hi everyone,

today I’m writing to announce a major change to our pricing.

Wait, don’t worry, prices are not going up! We haven’t changed our subscription prices since we came out of our beta period in 2015, and no have plans to do so. Instead today we are announcing one-time purchase plans.

There are many businesses that have an on-going need for forward or reverse geocoding, to date our various subscription packages have addressed (pun intended!) the needs of these customers. But we were often approached by people who don’t have a need for an on-going subscription, people who just need to geocode a dataset and are then done. I’m delighted that we can now better meet the needs of this customer group with our new one-time purchase plans, which you can find (and buy!) on our pricing page.


Just like with our subscriptions, our one-time packages are available in various sizes and can be purchased in different currencies.

Because one-time purchases are aimed at customers who just have a quick geocoding need, one-time customers don’t get access to features like IP restriction and customized CORS headers that are designed for customers with on-going usage. These features don’t make sense for someone who just needs to quickly do some one-off geocoding. Likewise one-time customers don’t have the ability to create and label many API keys.

We hope this addition to our pricing enables even people to benefit from our service. Should you have any questions, please get in touch.

Happy and affordable geocoding,