Hi everyone,

we’ve rolled out another tweak to the components section of our geocoding results. We now also include the continent for each result (assuming of course the result is on a continent).

Possible values of the continent key are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, South America. Currently we don’t support non-English names.

So a call to the API for 41.40139, 2.12870 now returns

      "components": {
        "ISO_3166-1_alpha-2": "ES",
        "ISO_3166-1_alpha-3": "ESP",
        "_type": "building",
        "city": "Barcelona",
        "city_district": "Sarrià - Sant Gervasi",
        "continent": "Europe",
        "country": "Spain",
        "country_code": "es",
        "county": "Barcelona",
        "county_code": "B",
        "house_number": "68",
        "political_union": "European Union",
        "postcode": "08017",
        "road": "Carrer de Calatrava",
        "state": "Catalonia",
        "suburb": "les Tres Torres"

As always you can learn more about the components in our API documentation. Good background on the dividing line between continents can be found over on wikipedia.

Many thanks to the users that requested this feature. If you have ideas for how our service could be better please let us know.

Happy geocoding,


written in "continent": "Europe",