Hi everyone,

one thng we spend a lot of time thinking about is how to best teach new users how to use our API. Back in my youth to learn how to use software all you had was a man page and perhaps a dog-eared O’Reilly book, and by God we liked it.

But, time marches on, and the ways of the world evolve.

I’m told by reliable sources that younger software devs (and perhaps not just younger devs) enjoy learning from video tutorials. Well, who are we to just yell angrily from the porch at the new ways? Instead we have partnered with long-time “Friend of OpenCage” Hrishi Mittal, founder of technical training site Learnetto, to make us some video tutorials which are now live for your viewing pleaseure over on YouTube. Specifically, Hrishi’s has put together a video tutorial for reverse geocoding using our Python library, and a similar tutorial for forward geocoding.

"Screenshot of the OpenCage geocoding API tutorial on YouTube"

Each video is about 10 minutes long, and explains the basics of what exactly geocoding is an isn’t (lots of people confuse geocoding with other geolocation tecvhnologies), how to get started using the OpenCage python module, and shows a few examples.

Have a watch and let us know what you think.

Happy watching (and geocoding),