Hi everyone,

I hope the new year is off to a good start for you. I am pleased to announce we’re kicking the year off with a new version of leaflet-opencage-search, our Leaflet plugin.

Leaflet is one of the most popular open-source mapping libraries (the other popular open-source library being OpenLayers). Leaflet makes it simple to add a “slippy map” using any map tiles to any webpage with a few lines of javascript, and our plugin makes it trivial to add a search box on top of that map.

Here’s a screenshot of the search plugin in action on our Leaflet tutorial

"Screenshot of OpenCage leaflet tutorial"

Besides updates of various underlying librarties, the main new feature in the new version - version 1.4.1 - is the ability to easily expose more of the information we return in the geocoding results in the Leaflet interface.

We owe a debt of thanks to GitHub user Suhas-Pachore who contributed this enhancement, once again proving the power of open source. Thank you!

You too can see the code and submit an improvement or bug fix over on Github. All contributions are welcome.

Happy geocoding,