Hi everyone,

we’re added a new tutorial showing exactly how to best configure the open source GPS tracking platform Traccar to use our geocoding API for reverse geocoding. Unfortunately, by default Traccar doesn’t make use of our well formatted addresses (see our guide on why this well-formatted addresses are important), and this was causing confusion for a few customers. Many thanks to those who brought this to our attention.

In addition Traccar defaults to always using the English language version of addresses. Last week we submitted a patch to Traccar to allow configuration of other languages, and happily that edit was accepted - (Hooray for open source!) - and from the next version of Traccar that option will be supported. Until then any customer using Traccar can glaldy contact us and we can manually set it so results are always returned in the language of your choosing.

"Screenshot of OpenCage Traccar tutorial"

This is of course just one of our many tutorials for using the OpenCage Geocoding API, please let us know if there are other use cases that you think would benefit from a tutorial.

Happy vehicle tracking,