Hi everyone,

A bit of a late announcement here, but I am still pleased to report two bits of exciting news for users of the R programming language who want to geocode their data.

First, there is now an entirely new version of {opencage}, the R package for accessing our API.

"{opencage} R package for accessing the OpenCage geocoding API"

The new version adds support for many new features we’ve added over the years, and has very robust checking for edge cases and testing. It’s a significant upgrade from v0.1 which was released many years ago.

Our thanks go out to Jesse Sadler, Maëlle Salmon, and especially Daniel Possenriede, the primary maintainer, for all their work on this. Normally we gladly pay anyone who develops an SDK for our API. In lieu of payment Daniel asked that we donate an equivalent amount to support rOpenSci, a project that support the open development of R packages used in science, including {opencage}. We were delighted to make the donation.

Secondly, again thanks to Daniel, our API is (as of version 1.0.3) also integrated into the {tidygeocoder} package, a geocoding aggregation package. Thanks also to Jesse Cambon, the creator of {tidygeocoder}.

As with all the other SDKs, links to these libraries can be found on our libraries page. I am delighted to say we now have well over 30 different SDKs, for programming languages and dev environments as varied as ColdFusion to Perl to Haskell to Go and R. Some are maintained by us, others are open source projects maintained by members of the community. We are always happy to welcome more contributions. If you create something with our API please let us know and we will gladly feature it (though do please follow the guidelines). If you use a language for which we don’t yet have a wrapper library, please get in touch, we will happily pay you (or donate to an organization of your choice) to open source a wrapper library. We’re interested in SDKs for any language we don’t yet have.

Happy geocoding in R,