it’s my pleasure to announce a new partnership with French travel industry software provider Cirkwi.


Cirkwi aggregates data relevant to the travel industry and makes various services and applications for travel services. Cirkwi works together with many different consumer brands, both large and small, including well known names like SNCF (the French rail service) and Routard.

One of the Cirkwi modules is a map with a search box which integrates OpenCage as the search provider. Cirkwi users who have a significant volume of searches can become OpenCage customers with a 10% lifetime discount on our pricing. This is explained in detail over on the Cirkwi blog.

We look forward to working Cirkwi and their partners!

happy geocoding,


If your brand would like to offer your users a similar discount, please get in touch. We are always looking for more partners.