Hi everyone,

this morning we woke to a delightful early Christmas present: Simon Willison, creator of Datasette, a popular open source tool for exploring and publishing data, announced the launch of “enrichments” plugins for Datasette, including an enrichment using our geocoding API. By using the plugin Datasette users can now quickly and easily geocode their data.

Well done, Simon!

Simon not only made this enrichment, and not only wrote a great blog post documenting it, he also recorded a video showing how to use it. It’s great documentation like this that makes Datasette a project you should definitely be tracking if you work with data in any form. Simon is also a great follow over on Mastodon - (and was a Geomob London speaker way back in February 2013!).

"The new datasette OpenCage enrichment"

We’ve added Simon’s new enrichment to the list of SDKs for geocoding in 30+ other languages and frameworks, so no matter how you like to do your geocoding we should have a solution for you.

Happy enriching!