Hi everyone,

A few weeks back we announced we had set up an account on Mastodon. Many thanks to all of you who are already following and interacting with us there. So far it has been great. If you aren’t yet following us you can do so here.

The ensuing six weeks have been very dramatic at Twitter, a roller coaster of ups and downs. It has been a great reminder of the need to control our communication platforms. Choas is not a great platform to grow our business on, so we have reached a few conclusions:

We have suspended all of our Twitter advertising.

Mastodon will be our primary social media channel for announcements going forward.

We will adapt the stay_informed section of our API response to include a reference to our Mastodon account. Rather than risk this causing a disruption to anyone shortly before the end of year holidays we will make the change early in January 2023 (target date Jan 10th, 2023).

Currently that section of API JSON responses look like

"stay_informed": { "blog": "https://blog.opencagedata.com", "twitter": "https://twitter.com/OpenCage" }

we will change that portion of the response to be:

"stay_informed": { "blog": "https://blog.opencagedata.com", "mastodon": "https://en.osm.town/@opencage", "twitter": "https://twitter.com/OpenCage" }

Of course we will provide an announcement and an entry in our Change Log when the actual change occurs.

For now we will keep the Twitter portion of the response as we will keep our Twitter account for occasional announcements as people transition over to Mastodon. Probably we will eventually drop Twitter.

Over the years we have posted lots of educational content on Twitter in the form of geo threads. We will repost all of them on Mastodon in the coming months. Likewise we are exploring how we can move our monthly geo trivia contest to Mastodon.

See you on Mastodon,