Today Mapzen shared the sad news that their service will be closing at the end of January.

For those that aren’t familiar with the business, Mapzen have been phenomenal supporters of open data generally and OpenStreetMap specifically over the last four years. Their team was a who’s who of opengeo VIPs and the community benefited immensely not just from their work, but their willingness to share that work publicly. It’s a big loss for the opengeo world.

It’s also a major inconvenience for Mapzen customers, some of who were using Mapzen Search, their geocoding / geosearch service. Like Mapzen we offer geocoding based on opendata We are happy to offer a lifetime 20% discount to any former Mapzen customers. If you wish to qualify for this discount please just contact us and tell us you were a Mapzen customer. We will get you set up very quickly.

After Mapzen’s news you might justifiably ask how you can know that you can depend on us. We have been offering our geocoding service based on open data to the world since 2014. We are funded by our revenues, not VCs. We are not a side project of some multinational. We are stable business (UK company number: 9485974) with hundreds of customers around the world. Our pricing is reasonable. We serve many millions of requests per day, and we look forward to working with you.

To hep you get started, here are the many SDKs and libraries for our geocoding API.

I close by once again saying thank you to all former Mapzeners for your contributions to open geo.


** slowly lowering flag on Null Island to half-mast **