Hi everyone,

we’ve gone live with a new feature.

Customers can now limit access to their API key to specific IP addresses.

If you are on any of our paid plans (as opposed to our free-trial tier) you can define a list of IP addresses that are able to access you API keys (paying customers are able to have multiple active API keys)


Just add the IP address


Then click save and you are good to go


If you set an IP address, then any requests with your API key that come from non-specified IP addresses will receive an HTTP 403 response with the message “IP address rejected”

"status" : {
   "code" : 403,
   "message" : "IP address rejected"

There is no requirement to define a whitelist of IP address, and if you don’t, then your API key will work from any requesting IP, just as it always has.

You can see a full list of all possible API response codes and some API keys we make available for generating specific responses for testing over on our API documentation.

happy geocoding (from your specified IP address),