A few weeks ago we announced our Postman tutorial. We got a lot of positive feedback, but a few readers asked if we could do the same for the Insomnia REST client. To which our response was … “yeah, sure”.

So, if Insomnia is your thing, please check out our new tutorial for accessing the OpenCage geocoding API via Insomnia. Insomnia is very similar to Postman, with one key difference - Insomnia is open source.

Just as I try to steer clear of the editor wars*, it’s not for me to say whether you should use Insomnia or Postman. Each seems to have a very loyal following of users, which is great as developers everywhere can benefit from the competition. We are happy to do our best to make life easy for anyone using our API, no matter their choice of software.

Here’s a screenshot of the Insomnia client:


Our tutorial takes you through the handful of steps needed to grab the JSON workspace file we have published, set the value of your API key in an environment variable, and then make your first request.

You can find a direct link to the tutorial (and tutorials and libraries for many other programming languages) on our libraries page.

If Insomnia isn’t your thing, you might be better served by just playing with our live demo page.

Happy geocoding, whichever client you are using to access our API


* emacs is better, in your heart you know it