I’m pleased to announce that we were recently able to increase our corporate membership tier within the OpenStreetMap Foundation (the not-for-profit organization supporting, but not controlling, OpenStreetMap). We’ve moved from the Bronze level of corporate membership to Silver.

The move increases our financial commitment to the OSMF, and is a tangible statement of thanks to the OpenStreetMap community, one of the key open data sources our project relies upon.

This comes in addition to our on-going financial support for various other OSM and open data projects, specifically financial support for the development of Nominatim, a regular contribution to the libpostal project, and our annual donation to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. You can see the full list of our efforts to give back to open data and open source communities on our “About Us” page.

Many thanks to our customers who have helped us grow, and thus make all of this possible.

Of course companies llike ours are not the only ones that can support the OpenStreetMap Foundation, the bulk of the membership is individuals, and we encourage all of you to join the foundation, - I am also a long-standing member in a personal capacity - and indeed in the past year a new program has been launched to allow membership for anyone who has been an active OSM contributor in the past year. Get involved!

OpenStreetMap continues to grow on almost every dimension, and over the past year or so there has been increased momentum within the Foundation and the numerous local chapters (we’re also corporate members of the German and British local chapters). Congratulations and thank you to all the thousands of volunteers who continue to make OpenStreetMap an amazing community and global resource. Keep up the great work! Now more than ever we need global projects that unite us.

Finally, and on a related note, if you are interested in the OSMF and the future of OpenStreetMap, you may enjoy this interview I did with Allan Mustard, chair of the OSMF Board, on the Geomob podcast back in August (episode 29). Similarly, I’ve had the pleasure to speak with several long-time OSM contributors and founders of businesses built on OpenStreetMap:

and of course here on the blog we have a long-standing tradition of interviewing people from OpenStreetMap communities and innovators from around the world.

Happy (open) geocoding,