Hi everyone,

welcome to the November 2023 edition of #fridaygeotrivia, our a social media geotrivia contest. As always we played on the final Friday of the month, which was Friday, 24th of November, at 17:00 Berlin time, 4pm London time, 11am New York time.

See how to play below.

The November 2023 geotrivia question:

Name pairs of countries such that

  • they share a land border with each other
  • they do NOT share a border with a mutual third country
  • each of the two countries borders more than one country

As an example Spain 🇪🇸 and France 🇫🇷 share a border, but they both also border Andorra 🇦🇩, so that is not a valid answer.


  • Only one answer per toot

  • As always you must include the hashtag #fridaygeotrivia and the emoji flag of the countries


#fridaygeotrivia is a game with two prizes:

  1. the sheer joy of geographic knowledge and pedantry.

  2. the bragging rights of getting the answer first.

The #fridaygeotrivia Mastodon thread:

The winner

The winner was Amanda McCann, second place went to Jann. Well done!

This month’s geotrivia answer:

  • Canada / Kingdom of Denmark (including Greenland)
  • US / Canada
  • US / Mexico
  • Denmark / Germany
  • Nicaragua / Honduras
  • Nicaragua / Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica / Panama
  • Panama / Colombia
  • Malaysia / Indonesia
  • Thailand / Malaysia
  • Spain / UK (via Gibraltar)
  • Spain / Morocco
Less clear cut but we also gave a point for
  • Denmark / Sweden (via the Øresund Bridge)

How to play

Anyone can join in, you just need a Mastodon account.

  • Follow us on Mastodon, our account is @opencage@en.osm.town

  • When the game starts we will post the question here on the blog and on Mastodon, and will embed the Mastodon question here. We highly recommend using a mastodon client you feel comfortable with. We’ve made the switch to the Elk client and are loving it, but use whatever works for you.

  • Reply to the question thread on Mastodon (it will be embedded above) using the hashtag #fridaygeotrivia in your answer.

  • Only one answer per response (don’t stuff multiple answers into a single reply).

  • Our definition of “country” is usually (it depends on the question) any place with an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code. Read more background about ISO and country codes in our guide.

  • To get full points for an answer it is good form not just to name the relevant country but (if possible) to include the emoji flags of the country.

  • While you can use a map, please do NOT use the internet to just search for an answer. That is cheating and will lead to seriously bad geokarma.

Some people have complained that the format is a bit chaotic and hard to follow. Yes. The mad chaos is part of the fun. Embrace it. The goal is just to have fun and learn. We win by playing

Thanks for playing,