Hi everyone,

welcome to the May 2023 edition of #fridaygeotrivia, our a social media geotrivia contest. which will take place on Friday, 26th of May 2023 at 18:00 Berlin time, 5pm London time, 12 noon New York time.

How to play

Anyone can join in, you just need a Mastodon account.

  • Follow us on Mastodon, our account is @opencage@en.osm.town

  • When the game starts we will post the question here on the blog and on Mastodon, and will embed the Mastodon question here. We highly recommend using a mastodon client you feel comfortable with. We’ve made the switch to the Elk client and are loving it, but use whatever works for you.

  • Reply to the question thread on Mastodon (it will be embedded below) using the hashtag #fridaygeotrivia in your answer.

  • Only one answer per response (don’t stuff multiple answers into a single reply).

  • Our definiton of “country” is any place with an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code. Read more background about ISO and country codes in our guide.

  • To get full points for an answer it is good form not just to name the relevant country but (if possible) to include the emoji flags of the country.

  • While you can use a map, please do NOT use the internet to just search for an answer. That is cheating and will lead to seriously bad geokarma.

Some people have complained that the format is a bit chaotic and hard to follow. Yes. The mad chaos is part of the fun. Embrace it. The goal is just to have fun and learn. We win by playing


#fridaygeotrivia is a game with two prizes:

  1. the sheer joy of geographic knowledge and pedantry.

  2. the bragging rights of getting the answer first.

The May 2023 geotrivia question:

Name countries that share land borders with exactly two other countries BUT are not land-locked. So, for example, Andorra, which borders only Spain and France does NOT count.

Bridges do NOT count as a “land border”.

Remember: to get the points you need the #fridaygeotrivia hashtag AND the emoji flag of the country(ies). And only one answer per response.

The #fridaygeotrivia Mastodon thread:

The winner

This month it wasn’t even close. Congrats to Ciarán Ferrie, who absolutely ran away with it.

This month’s geotrivia answer:

  • country: land borders with
  • Bangladesh: IN, MM
  • Belize: MX, GT
  • Costa Rica: PA, NI
  • Denmark: CA, DE
  • Ecuador: CO, PE
  • El Salvador: GT, HN
  • Equatorial Guinea: CM, GA
  • Estonia: RU, LV
  • Guinea-Bissau: GN, SN
  • Kuwait: IQ, SA
  • Lebanon: IL, SY
  • The Netherlands: BE, DE
  • Nicargua: CR, HN
  • Panama: CO, CR
  • Sierra Leone: GN, LR
  • Sweden: FI, NO
  • Tunisia: DZ, LY
  • United Arab Emirates: OM, SA
  • United States: CA, MX
  • Uruguay: AR, BR
  • Yemen: OM, SA

Thanks for playing,