Hi everyone,

welcome to March 2022 #fridaygeotrivia!

We took a bit of a break last month. The shocking news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine meant it didn’t feel like the right time for trivia. The conflict sadly continues, but bhis month we’ll resume our traditional twitter trivia contest held on the final Friday of every month under the hashtag #fridaygeotrivia. After the live game finishes we post the answers here on the blog.

See below for how to play.

The March 2022 geotrivia question:

Name countries (and this time we mean true countries not dependent territories, and of course with emoji flag) whose name contains geographic features or descriptors.


#fridaygeotrivia is a game with two prizes:

  1. the sheer joy of geographic knowledge and pedantry.

  2. the bragging rights of getting the answer first.

The #fridaygeotrivia twitter thread:

The winner

Well done to Andy Allan and Giuseppe Sollazzo, who tied for first place! And big thanks to everyone who played along.

This month’s geotrivia answer:

  • CF: # Central African Republic
  • CI: # Ivory Coast
  • CK: # Cook Islands
  • CR: # Costa Rica
  • CV: # Cabo Verde
  • EC: # Ecuador
  • EH: # Western Sahara
  • GQ: # Equatorial Guinea
  • IM: # Isle of Man
  • KP: # North Korea
  • KR: # South Korea
  • ME: # Montenegro
  • MH: # Marshall Islands
  • MK: # North Macedonia
  • NL: # Netherlands
  • SB: # Solomon Islands
  • SL: Sierra Leone
  • SS: # South Sudan
  • TL: # East Timor
  • VA: # Vatican City
  • ZA: # South Africa

How to play

Anyone can join in, you just need a twitter account. Please note - these edition of the game was played long ago - these days we play on Mastodon, not twitter.

  • Reply to the question thread on twitter (embedded below) using the hashtag #fridaygeotrivia in your answer.

  • Only one answer per tweet

  • While you can use a map, please do NOT use the internet to just search for an answer. That is cheating and will lead to seriously bad geokarma.

  • To get full points for an answer it is good form not just to name the relevant country but (if possible) to include the emoji flags of the country.

Some people have complained the format is a bit chaotic and hard to follow. Yes, the mad chaos is part of the fun. Embrace it. The goal is just to have fun and learn. We win by playing

Thanks for playing, see you next month