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last Friday (30th April) was the final Friday of the month, and thus time for our twitter-based #fridaygeotrivia trivia contest.

The April 2021 geotrivia question:

“Name countries that have a land border with only one other country”

This immediately opens the old debate of “what is a country?”. For our purposes we count countries and territories with ISO codes. We also note that bridges alone do not count as a border (thus Singapore, which is an island, is not a correct answer)

Here’s the #fridaygeotrivia twitter thread, click through to see the discussion and who got credit for which answer.

The geotrivia answer:

  • Bahrain (BH) borders only Saudi Arabia (SA)
  • Brunei (BN) borders only Malaysia (MY)
  • Canada (CA) borders only the United States (US) *
  • Denmark (DK) borders only Germany (DE) *
  • East Timor (TL) borders only Indonesia (ID)
  • Haiti (HT) and the Dominican Repiblic (DO) border only each other
  • Ireland (IE) and the United Kingdom (UK) border only each other
  • Lesotho (LS) borders only South Africa (ZA)
  • Monaco (MC) borders only France (FR)
  • Papau New Guinea (PG) borders only Indonesia (ID)
  • Portugal (PT) borders only Spain (ES)
  • Qatar (QA) borders only Saudi Arabia (SA)
  • San Marino (SM) borders only Italy (IT)
  • Sint Maarten (SX), which is a "constituent country" of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, borders only France (FR)
  • South Korea (KR) borders only North Korea (KP)
  • The Gambia (GM) borders only Senegal (SN)
  • The Vatican (VA) borders only Italy (IT)

- in June 2022 Canada and Denmark settled their border dispute and will henceforth share a land border.

A case can also be made for the territories

  • Gibraltar (GI) borders only Spain (ES)
  • Hong Kong (HK) border only China (CN)
  • Macau (HK) border only China (CN)

As always, thanks to everyone who joined in. It was fun.

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Happy geocoding,