Hi everyone,

we’ve been active on Twitter for many years (you can find us as @OpenCage), and for the last few months every week or so we’ve been doing educational “tweet threads” about our service or common geo support questions we get. It’s been fun, and these threads have resonated with some people, getting liked and retweeted, but the great weakness of the medium is how short-lived it is. Content comes and goes in an endless stream.

"Screenshot of an @OpenCage geo thread"

So we thought we’d use this post to keep a running list of the various threads from most recent to oldest. We’ll update the list each week.

While we will keep this list updated, the best way to stay informed is just to follow @OpenCage on twitter But of course threads aren’t the only fun we have on twitter. The final Friday of each month we do a twitter geo trivia contest (search for #fridaygeotrivia on Twitter). We hope to see you there.

Happy geocoding,