Hi everyone,

most of the time here on the blog we share updates about our geocoding API, but today I wanted to share the recent updates we’ve made to our Geosearch service.

First up, version 9.0.0 of popular mapping library OpenLayers was recently released and our OpenLayer’s search integration tutorial is now updated to the newest version. Over the last 18 months or so there has been a welcome injection in the OpenLayers project, and there seems to now be a steady flow of new releases. Congrats to all involved! If you haven’t been tracking OpenLayers it may well be time to again have a closer look.

Secondly, we used last week’s design refresh as a chance to also improve our geosearch demo page. Specifically (and by popular request) we now show you the exact JSON the autosuggest widget has access to, as you can see in the screenshot below. Hopefully this helps make integrations even simpler. Please test it out and let us know if you have ideas for further improvement - to the demo page specifically or the service in general.

"Screenshot of the OpenCage Geosearch demo page showing the exact JSON returned"

Last but not least, in the background the endless work of relevancy improvements continues without pause.

Many thanks to our geosearch customers who have pushed us to improve.

Happy geosearching,