Hi everyone,

I am delighted to report we now have a LeafletJS plugin for our geosearch service.

The new plugin makes it very simple to add an autocomplete search box of places to any Leafletjs based maps. Leaflet is one of the most popular open source mapping libraries, and can be used with any of the many different services that make tiles available.

Just like our geosearch service itself, the plugin can be customized to show more or fewer results, to display results in different languages, or to limit results only to a specific country or bounding box.

By default the plugin centers the map on the location selected in the search box.

Here are a few screenshots of the plugin in action, we have prepared a detailed tutorial showing exactly how to integrate the search box on the map.

"OpenCage Geosearch leaflet plugin 1"

"OpenCage Geosearch leaflet plugin 1"

"OpenCage Geosearch leaflet plugin 1"

Happy geosearching,


PS: yes an equivalent OpenLayers plugin is coming soon!